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The Dark Forest (novel)

08 Oct 2023

My review of the book "The Dark Forest". A great continuation

  • ✍️ Written by: Cixin Liu
  • 🗣️ Translated by: Joel Martinsen
  • 🧭 Origin: China
  • 📖 Pages: 550
  • 🤯 Genre: Sci-Fi
  • 📆 Published in: 2008
  • 🧐 My rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

This is the second book of the trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past”. After I had read the first book, I was already super excited for this one, but it even surpassed my expectations. I had problems getting myself to stop reading. The story was even more captivating.

This book continued the puzzel left behind by the first book. Most surprising, if I keep the puzzel anology, is that this puzzel feels complete, but it isn’t. I always realised that I actually never had a full picture of the story, there were new events that I had never though of. I felt like I could predict the future of the story but I couldn’t at all. Cixin Liu always completely astonished me with his ideas.

The author was also able to not overwhelm me with all the information. He describes a broad universe which should be impossible to keep an overview of. But Cixin Liu was able to not make me forget any of the different perspectives and protagonists.

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