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My setup - Update 1

11 Oct 2023

I recently moved to a one-display setup. This is how I improved it to be healthier.

What's changed

A closed laptop next to a monitor. Laptop is connected via USB-C to the monitor. A few plants, a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard are in front of it.
This is how it looks now.

After using my new setup for around 2 weeks, I noticed that starring at a laptop from above won’t be healthy long term. But I struggled to decide what I should do.

First, I placed down my not so old monitor. I then attached a small USB-C hub with and HDMI, Ethernet and multiple USB ports to the bottom of the monitor. I connected the monitor and hub. I also attached the USB receiver for my wireless mouse. My keyboard is Bluetooth-only, but I had a pretty simple solution in mind.

I wrote a small script responsible for turning Bluetooth on and off. It detects if the USB Hub is connected. If so, Bluetooth stays on, otherwise, Bluetooths is powerd down.


if [[ -z $(lsusb | grep "Genesys Logic, Inc. Hub") ]]
    bluetoothctl power off
    echo "Not disabling Bluetooth, USB Hub connected -> at home."


I’m really happy with how this turned out. I have pretty much kept the simplicity, but improved my comfort and health.

Compare it with the previous setup.

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