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Just a laptop

26 Sep 2023

Where's the multimonitor setup? Gone!

Not just a laptop

I’ve been using multiple monitors since basically forever, it gave me space to put windows on and I didn’t need to think about organizing them. A bad decision in retrospect: there were lots of distracting windows.

A table with a laptop on a mount and a monitor next to. Also external keyboard, mouse, plants, espresso, water, etc
That's how it looked like (without all the windows).
And you can just ignore all the coffee stuff …

Not just a laptop

I just mentioned that multiple monitors were a risk for distraction. And I therefore removed them.

A laptop and a plant on a white table in front of a white wall
It's not as bad as it looks.

This really helped me to work focused for a lot longer without short disruptions. And there’s also a way smaller obstacle to work from somewhere else than my desk.


Removing monitors might really help some people.

You may just try it. There’s not a lot of effort in doing so, except when your cable management is not so neat 😉

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