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How to make a cappuccino

01 Nov 2023

A small step-by-step guide on making a cappuccino


top left: portafilter; top right: tamper; bottom left: milk jug; bottom right: coffee cup
Here's a photo of all the stuff you need. (without the espresso machine)

Don’t forget milk and coffee beans or pre-made coffee powder 😉


You probably don’t want to drink cold coffee or waste time making it. To avoid that, you can prepare a few things.

First, pour the coffee powder into your portafilter:

a portafilter filled with coffee powder
This is a reasonable amount of powder …

Now, tamp the powder until it’s reasonably compressed and insert the portafilter into your espresso machine.

a portafilter filled with tamped coffee powder
… and this is a reasonable amount of compression.

Finally before we can start, fill your milk can with milk. To prevent wasting milk, use less than you would need to top up the cup.

a milk jug filled with a bit of milk
This is the amount of milk I use personally for my cappuccinos.

Making the cappuccino

Now that everything is prepared, we can start making your delicious cappuccino!

First, let the espresso machine brew an espresso.

espresso pouring from a portafilter into a cup
Mhhh, espresso …

Then, froth the milk and pour it into your espresso. You are done!

frothed milk with a milk frother from an espresso machine
… and fluffy milk.
a cappuccino

You have just made your first cappuccino. Enjoy 😄

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