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Death's End (novel)

11 Oct 2023

What I think about the novel "Death's End" and all of the Rememberance of Earth's Past trilogy, known from the book "The Three-Body Problem"

  • ✍️ Written by: Cixin Liu
  • 🗣️ Translated by: Ken Liu
  • 🧭 Origin: China
  • 📖 Pages: 721
  • 🤯 Genre: Sci-Fi
  • 📆 Published in: 2010
  • 🧐 My rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

This is the third and last book of the trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past”. But before you continue, read my posts about book one and two so you fully understand my opinion and thoughts.

The book added even more to the “puzzel” than the other two books. And these “puzzel pieces” were even more fundamental to the trilogy’s world. But sadly, some of these ideas where a bit too far from what would make sense. There are of course things that aren’t scientifical at all, but they are well integrated into the story. Towards the end of this final book though, a few details occurred not accomplishing that integration.

But overall, the trilogy combined makes these exaggerations fade away. In the end, my conclusion on this trilogy is pretty simple: read it.

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