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It has become difficult to make contributions to OpenStreetMap

I have had a lot of fun while contributing to OpenStreetMap. It always was a great motivation for taking a long walk and then updating or adding new information to OSM.

But I live in a place where a lot of people contribute very actively and fast. Everything is up-to-date. This is awesome. But I also somewhat dislike the situation. This really is selfish, but I can't help it 🥲

While I was in Washington, D. C. this summer, I realized that the OpenStreetMap data there is pretty outdated. I began to update all the information. I then also posted about this issue on the Fediverse.

In the post, I suggested to anyone living in D. C. that "it's currently the perfect opportunity to get started [editing OSM]". I really miss the editing, but I am going to buy a semi-professional camera soon. This may be another opportunity to find new places (and perhaps edit them on OpenStreetMap) 😄

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