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Increasing this blog's readability

Nov 12th, 2023

I have improved this blog's readability. Here's how.

In the last few weeks, I have gradually tried to improve this website’s readability and efficiency.


The most noticiable revision is probably that I moved this website to a new domain. The site’s domain now is konstantintutsch.com instead of the old konstantintutsch.de.

I mainly changed the domain because .com suits this site better. I don’t write german content here, so using the german TLD didn’t really fit except that I’m from Germany.


But I did not only chose a different domain, I also changed multiple elements of this site.

First, I decided to get rid of the big heading with my name. This change adds a bit more to the website’s simplicity.

A browser window with this site open. Logo + title “Konstantin Tutsch”, below links to the Blog, Contact and About page.
Before …
A browser window with this site open. Logo + links to the Blog, Contact and About page.
… and after.

Additionally, as you can see on the second image, the title’s sizes increased.


Furthermore, I decided to change the syle of code. I removed highlighting. This may sound horrible, but I can gurantee you it is not.

For the highlighting to work, a lot of CSS was necessary. All of that is gone now and simplicity has won again!

A browser window with a blog post open. Gray code.

Inner workings

You probably guessed it, things changed. Here’s a short list:

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