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I won't ever switch off Do Not Disturb again

15 Sep 2023

I've decided to go full Do Not Disturb on my phone. Here's why.

The idea behind

For those who don’t know what Do Not Disturb (DND) is, it lets you basically switch of notifications and calls for your phone.

You can add exceptions for apps or contacts who should still be noticable or you may want to get a call if someone calls you twice in a short interval. But let’s be honest, you won’t get a lot of important calls and you can easily let most text messages wait for a few hours.

But what are the theoretical benefits?

There are of course more, but they aren’t important for the context of this post.

The driving force

I had been thinking about decreasing my alertness to notifications and my phone in general for some time now.

But I completely ignored, that DND existed. I never even had that in mind as a solution.

I then saw a great german YouTube video about useful routines by the ex-Facebook employee and now productivity YouTuber Niklas Steenfatt.

It not only made me aware of the possibility, but he also explained why it shouldn’t be a problem to actually keep it turned on.

My own experience

After I’d watched the video, I thought about it some more, and in the end, decided to actually try it. I started on Monday and it is Friday evening now.

At the beginning, I was always worried to miss something. This was an unrational though and I didn’t miss out on anything actually. I also noticed, that I started to not always look on my phone, when I was waiting somewhere. My sleep improved too and I stopped to look at my phone when waking up. I still turned the alarm off though 😉

All this has proven to me, that I should continue to keep DND actived.

I would really like to know, what you think about all this. And I can only recommend, that you turn on Do Not Disturb too 😄

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